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IHWSA Business Members & Accredited Training Programs

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The Mindful Tourist | Forest Bathing Certification Training & Well-Being

Study from anywhere in the world and get a certification in Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing with an online or on-site training. Here at The Mindful Tourist, we aim to provide a conducive environment for you to go deep into the vast and transforming world of Forest. Connect to yourself, experience the profound healing powers of nature and go on to share your passion with the world.

SITMOP | “Silence is the Mother of Patience”

SITMOP or “Silence is the Mother of Patience” is a revolutionary idea of an evolution in health and medical procedures in which the ‘alternative’ becomes the regular, and rescuing traditional practices becomes the modern way of healing.

The Lost Childhood Association | It’s time to heal. It’s time for a change. Tell your story.

The Lost Childhood Association aims to investigate aspects of child sexual abuse, promote open-access research and create a social debate around the issue of child sexual abuse. It’s time to heal. It’s time for a change. Tell your story.

Wellness with Caroline | Inspiring women: healthier, happier living

Join Wellness with Caroline‘s online training: Ignite Your Life fitness plan. An online training plan providing workouts, meal plans, supplement package, support and knowledge you need to get started on your new lifestyle journey.
Certified: PT /Yoga /Massage /Reiki

Toby Maguire | Meditation and Life Transformation Coach

Toby Maguire – Changing Minds, Changing Lives. Take the step to holistic mind growth and superior mental awareness. Toby’s private coaching helps individuals improve their psychological well-being through meditation, mind coaching and hypnotherapy. He provides one to one online sessions and also works with companies that wish to increase their productivity and resilience to stress through group workshops and in-house training.

WOW Hub. | An ever evolving wellness space for collaboration.

WOW Hub. – Wholistic Health Care Supporting women achieve optimal health by providing comprehensive care for chronic health challenges. WOW Hub unites practitioners of various modalities to refer, communicate and align with each other. To enable our patients to feel held. Book a free discovery chat today.

Yēmaya Experiences | Well-being at heart

Inspired by the Ancient African Yoruba Tradition, the name, “Yēmaya”, is of the Mother Spirit of the Oceans. She embodies healing, self -love and nurturing  energy. Yēmaya Experiences offer Sound Therapy and Vibroacoustic Therapy and Mindfulness Coaching. Connect with Michelle Saudan for a free 30 minute consultation.

Happynes’t | Be in the Moment with Happynes’t

Open in Kyoto in October 2019, we believe in a life full of joy, gratitude and free of judgement. We focus on helping clients better connect with themselves, their surroundings, and the environment. Happynes’t offers a wide variety of Pilates and Yoga classes with an international-minded philosophy. We dedicate ourselves to serve our community by offering a beautiful nest to practice Yoga and Pilates, by offering beautiful products to take back in your own nest, and by sharing positive energy.

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